Our Dealers and Service Centers

You can buy TRIPPER ELECTRIC BIKES online and get the purchased ebike delivered to your doorstep or visit one of our dealer. Even you buy the electric bike from our online store we can deliver it to the close dealer where bike will be assembled and turned up. 

We are highly recommend the professional turn-ups to make sure that brakes adjusted properly and your seat and handlebar adjusted for optimal comfort position.

White Gloves professional assembly

Look at the list of our dealers and stop by any of them to test the amazing TRIPPER ELECTRIC BIKE

 Dealer Contact
Bike shop Santa Monica

2400 Main street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 581-8014

Bike Shop California

3770 Motor avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 838-9644

Bike Attack Electric

2904 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

(424) 744-8148



822 N Kenmore St, Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 647-9213

If you didn't find the dealer in your location, please, contact us. Even if we don't have a dealer near from you yet we can contact with the bike shop your choice to provide the White Gloves assembly for you.