Colleen M.
Costa Mesa CA

The bike arrived on time. I Recommend Tripper Electric Bike, the feeling very comfortable. Outstanding customer service!!

Roberto Gianni.
Austin, TX

Your quick responses, technical support, and warranty service IS AMAZING. I feel that I am dealing with friends who have my interests at heart. Keep it up! Not to mention; my bike is the 'Future of Electric Bikes' :D

Oliveria Wurst.
Oakland CA

My bike is exceeding expectations and customer service was extremely fast and efficient when I needed a replacement battery charger.

Kevin Isic.
Naples FL
The price, the quality, the after-sale help has always been "super". And your bikes are really great!

Gregor Ruiz.
Tucson AZ
FAT100M Mid-Drive

Great product and fantastic service and very powerful electric bike. I am really impressed. Thank you.

Deene Henrick.
Las Vegas NV

Love my new Tripper Foldx. Recommended a purchase to my sister who already ordered and received hers. Very nice, comfy and good looking bike.

Edward K.
Aliquippa PA

This bike basically feels like a very comfortable cruising motorbike, only difference is it's quiet electric motor; so far the very little riding I have done the bike is very impressive.lots of power and faster than it looks.very compfy too.

Chris Ben R.
Los Angeles CA

High quality products
Outstanding customer service

Gene Z.
Menlo Park CA

The company has been very responsive to questions. We have two bikes and had ONE with An extra gift and parts was sent at no charge.

Esteban Roudriguez.
San Diego CA

This small but fast electric bike is amazingly powerful. I'm a 280lb man recovering  and I'm able to ride it to work uphill and still be able to get impressive mileage with one charge. And thanks to the bike, plus dieting, I lost 5lb in two weeks. I let all my coworkers give it a ride already.

John B.
Bedford NH

Love the smooth transition, strong brakes and of course the giant bright headlight and electrical assist works as intended. Great bike.

Terry N.
Loudon TN

I'm very pleased with my new Tripper
I've already shown & explained its features to several people.

Eric M.
Saint Paul MN

The bike is great to ride, and the service has been top notch. I have already been telling my family and coworkers about it, and even my lbs. Keep it up!

Samuel W.
Scottsdale AZ

There’s no downside. I’m enjoying the product very much it’s been reliable and working like a charm. Top tier product!

Rodolfo M.
Mesa AZ
FAT1000M Mid-Drive

I have been riding around my neighborhood and have had many questions about the bike especially when they see me going uphill with little effort.

Robert M.
Ponce Inlet FL

The Tripper Electric has state-of-the-art technology and your customer service is phenomenal. You provide timely friendly service after the sale.

Daniel R.
Hermosa Beach CA

Truly exceptional customer services. I love my bike! Thank you

Paul P.
Miami FL

Love the bike! Customer Service is Awesome! Thanks for your help!

Jan E.
Mesa AZ

I own 2 bikes now because of your quality and GREAT customer service!

Jamie H.
Kingston WA

Great customer service. Exceeding promises. Bent over backwards to get me on my bike of choice.

Julie G.
Pearsall TX

Good product. Performs well. Ready to ride, all assembled. Good supporting staff

Robert W.
Seattle WA

I chose 10, because the product is this case, a Tricycle , has operated very well. When one pedal assist not needed, it was replaced by throttle on demand.

Furthermore, I really like having that thumb throttle feature. It is a feature I use all the time! My question will eventually come to " how well will the battery last, given the way I ride and use electric power constantly, when the warranty reaches about 2 years.

Ed C.
Ontario CA

Rate it a 10 because of customer support, quality products, We tell people on the trail, "the competition all have nice websites", just try calling it for support, (non-existent)!!

Bob and Suki T.
Jacksonville FL

After the few years OF BAD CHOICES we bought Tripper ; they are still going strong! Thanks for a good product!

Chuck B.
Boise ID

I have owned Blue Foldx for about 3 months and have enjoyed it. I just love it and I hope I will enjoy it for many yrs to come.

Brian C.
Tucson AZ

Every aspect of my interactions with any FOLDX representative has been beyond expectations, and that is no exaggeration.

Donna P.
Upland CA

Love my trike. Have only used once but it was wonderful to be able to keep up with my husband. Plus my dog loves to ride in basket.

Jerry M.
Florence OR

Best customer service you could ask for and truly a pleasure to deal with. I recommend your co to everyone! A great bike I really like my Tripper.

Nancy N.
Corrales NM

Great service. Always returns your call. Always friendly and helpful.

Dan and Rita S.
Mountain City TN

Tripper has perhaps the best customer service I've ever experienced. Not only pre-sale but also post sale. Their warranty is unsurpassed and their free shipping  is unbeatable. Thanks Tripper, for all of your help.